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Oluwatoba ​Owolabi

I strive to help my ​clients achieve their ​health and wellness ​goa​ls.


Cherry Hill, NJ


Sewell, NJ

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Everyone is unique based on their genetics and ​structure. With my assistance, you will receive a ​customized workout program to reach your ​goals.


$35.00 USD one time fee​

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$200.00 USD monthly

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Client ​Testimonials

"I would highly recommend Toba ​to anyone looking for a top-notch ​personal trainer. He is incredibly ​knowledgeable, supportive, and ​fun to work with. If you're serious ​about reaching your fitness goals, ​Toba is the person you want by ​your side."


"What I appreciated most about ​working with Toba was his ability ​to make workouts fun and ​engaging. He has a great sense ​of humor and knows how to ​motivate clients without being ​too intense or overbearing. I ​always looked forward to my ​workouts with Toba and felt like I ​was making real progress toward ​my fitness goals."


"Toba took the time to really ​listen to my fitness goals and ​tailored a workout plan ​specifically to my needs. He ​pushed me to challenge myself ​while still being supportive and ​encouraging every step of the ​way. Every workout session was ​well-structured and thoughtfully ​planned out, and I always left ​feeling challenged and ​accomplished."


"Toba is an excellent personal ​trainer who is knowledgeable, ​supportive, and fun to work with. ​He tailored my workouts to my ​needs, pushed me to challenge ​myself, and made every session ​engaging. I highly recommend ​him to anyone looking to achieve ​their fitness goals."




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