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Tobasaxfitness ​Personal ​training

My name is Oluwatoba and I am NASM-certified. ​As a professional fitness trainer, I strive to help my ​clients achieve their health and wellness goals. My ​passion for fitness drives me to utilize my extensive ​knowledge and experience to create personalized ​fitness programs tailored to my client’s individual ​needs. I specialize in strength training,

muscle toning, cardio, and flexibility training, and I ​have helped many of my clients reach their fitness ​goals. I offer a variety of programs that includes ​day-to-day workout plans for

individuals willing to get in shape and challenge ​themselves to the absolute most.

Through my assistance and guidance, you will ​master the basic art of exercising and nutrition and ​hopefully instill the habit of training. Strong and ​better is the goal. I emphasize mindfulness and ​form with every exercise, using careful techniques ​to ensure the safety and maximum effectiveness of ​each session. I strive to create a supportive and ​motivating atmosphere where clients can reach ​their fitness goals with confidence, and I stay in ​regular contact with my clients between sessions I ​am here to help you build a strong foundation. Not ​only will you feel compliant to work out, but more ​confident. My goal is to help you build a long-​lasting habit and achieve your fitness goals.